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CAS Statement of the Year

Drawing from the transcendental nature of the title from Arundhati Roy’s Booker Prize winning novel, this year’s CAS statement developed at DPSI is ‘The God of Small Things’. In our everyday life, we have a unique opportunity to become something extraordinary, to bring smiles, joy and hope to the people around us. The CAS statement reminds us of the infinite potential in each one of us and how we can impact the world we live in.


So we cordially invite you on 23rd April 2024 (Time: 8am to 2pm IST) to be part of our CAS Summit-the greatest confluence.

General Rules

  • There are two event types - Offline (at DPS International,Gurgaon) & Online. Each event type has competition categories. 

  • The grades eligible to participate are from Grade 9 to Grade 12

  • A school is allowed to participate in both offline and online events. However, the overall winners for each event type will be declared separately.

  • To qualify for overall championship a school has to participate in all the categories of the chosen event type.

  • Students cannot participate in more than ONE category.

  • For the offline event, there should be 2 teachers accompanying the team (one for the swimming tournament & one for the others) to the venue. 

  • Students participating in the offline events are suggested to wear formals/ smart casuals appropriate to a school environment. 

  • Please ensure that the students do not wear their school uniforms as we have given each school a pseudonym to protect the identity of the school. 

  • For the online event, the registration should be done by the teacher-in-charge who will also be the point of contact.

  • All entries and submissions for the online event must be made from the registered teacher’s email ID by April 17th 2024, 5pm IST.

  • Entries from schools of all accreditations or boards are welcome.

  • For offline categories there is a limit of 15 schools per category. This will be decided on a first come first serve basis and upon filling the Google form for registration. 

  • Deadline for registration is 20th March 2024.

  • Schools that have not completed the Google form registration prior to the deadline of registration will not be allowed to participate

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