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The Expressions

The Expressions: This category is for on stage performances. It focuses on the use of performing arts (dance-drama) to address the CAS statement of the year-The God of Small Things. This category calls out for experimental performances that are transdisciplinary in nature and creative through the amalgamation or blending of the performing arts.

Venue: Auditorium

Maximum schools: 15

(first come first serve based on registration)

Eligible grades- Grade 9 to Grade 12

Rules & Regulations:-

1.This category looks forward to 5-minute dance-drama presentations.

2.The group size can be a maximum of 15 students.

3.The performance should be addressing the CAS statement of the year.

4.Participants are allowed to use small props that will not hamper the stage.

5.Use of water, sand, fire etc are strictly prohibited

6.Music and costumes used should be school appropriate. Music to be carried in a pen drive.

7. Genres of dance vocabulary used can be classical, western or modern.

8.Each performance should adhere to a specified time limit of 5 minutes

9.The judges decision is final and binding

10.The criteria for judgment is:-

-Creativity & Originality


-Technical proficiency

- Relevance to theme

- Impact created

10. Entries that cross the time limit will be penalized.

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