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The Lens

The lens: This online category looks forward to submissions of a 5-minute short film addressing the CAS statement of the year-The God of small things.

  1. All submissions for the online category must be submitted by April 17, 2024. 6pm IST .

  2. For online submissions the format for submission is-Subject: Name of the competition category Body: Name of the school, Name of the participants and Synopsis of the submission.

  3. Video submission , if submitted as a google drive link should be provided access.

  4. Video submission must be in MP4 format

  5. No personal information of the students, school etc should be there in the video submissions

  6. The results will be announced on April 23, 2024

  7. Rules and regulations:-
    One school is allowed to have only one entry
    Films once entered cannot be withdrawn.
    Video submitted should be of MP4 format
    The short film must be original and no watermark of any kind should be on the film.
    Any media used in the film, like audio, images, or any other content, should be copyright free
    The film must be of the highest quality possible.
    Content not appropriate for a school environment of any kind will not be entertained and would lead to direct disqualification.
    Films can be in English or non verbal in nature. In case of using regional languages, subtext/ closed captions in English must be provided.
    Time duration must be strictly adhered to.
    The criteria for judgment is:--Creativity & Originality-Presentation-Technical proficiency- Relevance to theme- Impact created

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