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The Stroke

The Stroke: This category is an indoor swimming competition that looks forward to the rising sports enthusiasts that are capable of inspiring others through their capabilities and skills.

Venue: Indoor Swimming Pool

Maximum schools: 15

(first come first serve based on registration)

Eligible Grades- Grade 9 to Grade 12

Rules and regulations:-

  • The swimming events will be conducted in accordance with the rules set by the World Aquatics (FINA)

  • An individual can only participate in one age group.

  • Each school is allowed two entries per event.

  • A minimum of 3 entries are mandatory to run an event.

  • Each participant may take part in a maximum of 2 Individual Events and 2 Relays.

  • The mix relay team will consist of 2 boys and 2 girls.

  • All events will be conducted on a Time-Trial Basis.

  • The event will commence from the swimming pool edge, taking into consideration the safety concerns associated with the pool depth, to ensure a secure and controlled environment for all participants

  • Proof of Age and Bonafide Certificate must be submitted to the host school at the venue

  • The Championship will be divided into separate categories for boys and girls.

  • All participants must swim in appropriate swimming attire (costume, cap & goggles).

  • Two-piece swimsuits are not permitted for girls.

  • In the event of any dispute, a written protest must be submitted to the jury of the appeal / protest committee within 30 minutes of the completion of the event.

  • Each school team must be accompanied by at least ONE official.

  • All the players should report to the arena 15 mins before the event

  • Any indiscipline will result in the swimmer’s disqualification.

  • In all the events, referees and umpires decisions will be the final decision.

  • Misconduct with the officials may include the elimination of the player/coach for the entire match/tournament.


Free Style- 50M

Back Stroke-50M

Breast Stroke-50M


Freestyle Relay- 4*50M

Mix Relay (Freestyle)-4*50M

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