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The Stroke

The Stroke

This category is an indoor swimming competition that looks forward to the rising sports enthusiasts that are capable of inspiring others through their capabilities and skills.


Swimming Pool

Event date

23rd April 2024

Maximum school entries


Rules & Regulations

  • The swimming events will be conducted in accordance with the rules set by the World Aquatics (FINA)

  • An individual can only participate in one age group.

  • Each school is allowed two entries per event.

  • A minimum of 3 entries are mandatory to run an event.

  • Each participant may take part in a maximum of 2 Individual Events and 2 Relays.

  • The mix relay team will consist of 2 boys and 2 girls.

  • All events will be conducted on a Time-Trial Basis.

  • The event will commence from the swimming pool edge, taking into consideration the safety concerns associated with the pool depth, to ensure a secure and controlled environment for all participants

  • Prior to signing the entry form, all participants' date of birth should be verified as per the school records.

  • The entry form must be signed by the Principal/Head of the institution.

  • Proof of Age and Bonafide Certificate must be submitted to the host school

  • The Championship will be divided into separate categories for boys and girls.

  • All participants must swim in appropriate swimming attire (costume, cap & goggles).

  • Two-piece swimsuits are not permitted for girls.

  • In the event of any dispute, a written protest must be submitted to the jury of the appeal / protest committee within 30 minutes of the completion of the event.

  • Each school team must be accompanied by at least ONE official.

  • Once the participation of the player is confirmed there will be no change in the list.

  • All the players should report to the arena 15 mins before the event

  • Any indiscipline will result in the swimmer’s disqualification.

  • All the players should maintain absolute discipline on and off the pool area.

  • In all the events, referees and umpires decisions will be the final decision.

  • Misconduct with the officials may include the elimination of the player/coach for the entire match/tournament.

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