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The Tangibles

The Tangibles

This category is an off stage event and is in the format of an exhibition. Any tangible products like product, technology, machines, equipment, media arts, etc that are created by students and are in alignment with the CAS statement of the year are welcomed in this category.This category looks forward to the young scientists, creators and technologists with innovative ideas and products.


Exhibition area

Event date

23rd April 2024

Maximum school entries


Rules & Regulations

  • Participants are encouraged to showcase creativity and innovation in their exhibits, demonstrating unique approaches to addressing the CAS statement of the year.

  • A single student or a group of students can apply.

  • In the case of a group a maximum of 6 students are allowed

  • Exhibitors will be given 5 minutes to explain/ demonstrate their products to the judges

  • Emphasis on the use of sustainable materials and practices in the creation of exhibits, aligned with CAS statement is advised.

  • Exhibits requiring electricity/power to run should communicate their needs to the organizers at least 2 weeks prior .

  • Exhibitors are advised to avoid visual projections

  • The criteria for judgment is:-

-Theme integration

-Creativity & Innovation

-Presentation & Explanation

-Real world impact

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