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Welcome To

The Greatest Confluence

April 23rd 2024 at DPS International Gurgaon

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CAS summit

An overview of the CAS Summit

"The Greatest Confluence" is a confluence of schools coming together to showcase, interact and converse with like minded students through an inter school competition.This is a unique opportunity and avenue to bring the greatest student minds together to celebrate their endeavors and acknowledge them for their unwavering spirit towards their passions as well as their commitment to the world we live in.

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CAS Statement of the Year

Drawing from the transcendental nature of the title from Arundhati Roy’s Booker Prize winning novel, this year’s CAS statement developed at DPSI is ‘The God of Small Things’. In our everyday life, we have a unique opportunity to become something extraordinary, to bring smiles, joy and hope to the people around us. The CAS statement reminds us of the infinite potential in each one of us and how we can impact the world we live in.

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